Something nice.

Well I thought that maybe writing something is nice.

I’m back (sorry I left…)

Well I’m back blogging,


I’m sorry I left blogging… It’s been such a busy time in my life, from college to school to work. I guess I’ll have to get use to it. The holidays are here and I want to wish everyone a late Christmas! Yesterday as I was opening present’s I kept thinking how thankful I am to have an amazing family and friends surrounding me… Although I am thankful that second semester is coming around and now I can finally stop doing work! Although I will try my best to keep my grades up 🙂


I have to go to NY but I will be back 🙂


Song of the day: November 18th

Artists: Explorers
Song: The Rocketeer

Song of the day: November 17th


I just thought this was the cutest song when my friend Sarah posted a video she took on Facebook. Artist: Paramore Song: Holiday Interlude Album: Paramore


Song of the day: November 16th

Michael’s music used to annoy me a lot in the past, until this morning. I had a playlist someone made playing while I’m doing some homework and this song came on and the rest of his album was playing. Now his voice is a god.

Artist: Michael Bublé
Album: Hold On
Track: Lost

Prom isn't till May!

Every year seniors and juniors attend prom with their peers, friends, dates, maybe bring your cousin as a date, etc… In October I had one friend ask me if I was planning prom and my outfit. Prom isn’t until June! Then today I found out from a friend that a junior already bought her dress. C’mon prom is not as big as people think it is and it’s how many months away?

I had an awesome time at prom with my friends and I went with one of my good guy friends. I have to say though, prom was so expensive. I spent so much money on it and especially on the dress. I’ve only worn that dress once and I don’t know when I’ll wear it again. The planning part wasn’t too huge but pre-prom was awesome. Millions of pictures, hanging out with all your friends, and the food was awesome. Our bus didn’t show until an hr and half later that it should have.

All in all, why are we talking about prom?

-Amanda the c’mon girl

Song of the day: November 14th

Usually in the morning’s I play some soft music to start my day while waiting for my bus and going to school. This was the first song the came on and I think that Jason uses his voice beautifully when he sings in this song. Something very different from him.

Artist: Jason Mraz
Album: Love
Song: I’m Coming Over (Hidden Track)

Surf's up dude

Today, I was editing footage for my college film for NYU and saw that I uploaded some video my uncle took while my cousin’s and I surfed. It was the FIRST time I ever surfed in the Cape and I had a blast. This fall/summer I’ve been surfing in Maine and the waves are amazing. I wish I had a surf buddy who enjoys the cold water with me. Oh well maybe that day will come. I want to show my friends maybe… I just don’t want them to get hurt …

-Surfer Girl